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Relaxing at Home
  • What do you do?
    We specialize in helping you to better understand your sleep problem and develop specific solutions to restore your natural sleep. We do this through CBT-I (offered in the state of Maryland) and through sleep coaching (offered throughout the U.S.). We also offer services to help you avoid jet lag when traveling across multiple time zones.
  • What happens if I need a sleep study?
    If needed, your therapist or coach will work with you to find a local sleep laboratory to evaluate you for sleep disorders that can only be found through a sleep study. We will then work to integrate the findings from your sleep study into your sleep plan. If you are in need of CPAP treatment, we can help you coordinate that treatment with your primary physician or a sleep laboratory.
  • Do you prescribe medication?
    Insight Sleep Specialists work with you to optimize your sleep without prescription sleep medications. If you are currently taking sleep medications, we will work with your existing prescriber to help you achieve healthy sleep while reducing or eliminating medications, if you so desire. Sometimes we may suggest supplements to help you sleep.
  • Do you take insurance?
    We are out of network for insurance. However, if your insurance plan has out-of-network benefits, you may submit for insurance reimbursement for a portion of our fees. Also, our fees can be applied to your health savings account. Are you ready to get started?
  • What is the difference between therapy and coaching?
    We are pleased to offer sleep therapy in all psypact participating states. Here is a link to the psypact map: If you reside in a state that has not yet enacted the psypact legislation, we are able to provide you with sleep coaching. Sleep coaching is based on many of the same foundations as CBT-I and will help you to take control of your sleep with many of the same strategies. Are you ready to get started? Visit our appointments page. We look forward to helping you optimize your sleep!
  • What makes you different?
    Dr. Baehr is one of the very few clinicians who is double-boarded in both sleep medicine and behavioral sleep medicine. She spent many years working in a general sleep medicine clinic, treating all of the sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, narcolepsy, hypersomnia, and insomnia. Thus, she is able to screen for all sleep disorders and also help support you on your journey if you have more than one sleep disorder.
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