• Your therapist will work with you to develop a customized plan.

  • Your coach will meet with you to develop a customized plan.

  • A coach will help reduce jet lag on your upcoming trip.

75 mins; 45 mins

75 mins; 45 mins

45 mins

Insomnia Treatment

Our insomnia treatment program helps you to better understand and take control of your sleep. We will create a customized plan for you based on CBT-I (Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment for Insomnia) research and science to optimize your sleep. This program teaches you the scientifically proven process of reversing the factors that lead to insomnia, strengthening your natural sleep systems, and promoting strategies for healthy sleep.

In your first visit, we will review your sleep, personal and medical history, and start you on a path to better sleep. Follow-up visits will occur approximately once per week thereafter typically for a total of 10-15 visits.

Insight Sleep Specialists is now treating patients nationwide. Thanks to new PSYPACT legislation, we are currently providing treatment to individuals in 31 states. Please click the link below to see if this service is available in your state.

Map - Psychology Interjurisdictional Compact (PSYPACT)

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Attentive Therapist

Sleep Coaching

Sleep coaching helps you to clarify your sleep goals, identify obstacles and problematic behaviors standing in the way, and develop an action plan to help you take control of your sleep. 

If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, would like to feel more energetic during the day, avoid that afternoon lull or just want to optimize your sleep to optimize your life, we are here to help you accomplish your goals.

In your first visit we will review your sleep habits and set attainable goals for your sleep. Follow-up visits will occur approximately once every 1-2 weeks thereafter typically for a total of 8 to 10 visits.

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Jet Lag Prevention

Are you preparing to take a trip overseas? Is it a vacation of a lifetime? Well then you certainly don’t want to miss the first few days due to jetlag! Let us create a customized plan for you that takes into consideration your current time zone, your destination time zone, your individual preferences and your timeline.

Your jet-lag prevention specialist will meet with you to learn about your travel plans and your sleep habits. Then a customized sleep schedule will be made for you to adjust your circadian rhythm (i.e. body clock) prior to your trip on a schedule that works for you and your lifestyle. You will meet for a second time two weeks after the first visit to review your customized plan. 


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