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About me

Erin Baehr, Ph.D.

Founder and Clinical Director

Dr. Baehr strives to create a safe and caring virtual-practice in which you can be supported in your effort to change, manage symptoms, and accomplish your goals.  With more than 20 years of experience, she has evaluated and treated countless individuals with insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness, and other associated sleep problems. 


Erin Baehr, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, licensed in the state of Maryland and is board certified in Sleep Medicine and Behavioral Sleep Medicine by the American Board of Sleep Medicine. She delivers customized, evidence-based interventions to help individuals accomplish their sleep goals.


She earned a Ph.D. from Northwestern University and an undergraduate degree from Cornell University.  She is licensed in and conducts her practice in the state of Maryland. She offers virtual sleep coaching and jet lag prevention nation-wide.


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